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Healthy Morning Shower

Morning shower is one of the best routine parts for your health. But you have to do it the right way.

You need two things at all - the first is hemp brush (or similar material), the second is terry towel (the new is better, because of its solidity).

First of all take a brush (you can also take towel if you do not have brush) and brush all your body one or two minute till the skin becomes a little bit red. That really helps to you lymph and blood system and also maintains your kidneys healthy (you make their work a little bit easier).

After that take a short cold shower (the colder, the better). If you are beginner with cold shower, you have to use longer period, let's say a few months, when you use colder and colder water continually. The best beginning period is late spring. The important thing for your health is to water every part of your body. You start with a few seconds and end with a few minutes. Longer time is not healthy.

If you you are sick or have problems with heart, do not use the coldest water. The same is for older people. Young and adult organism is better to train, if you are older, you have to do it slower.

In the beggining with cold water, you can have problems with breathing. If you put cold water on your chest, you will feel you cannot breathe. This is mainly psychical problem. Just breathe deeply before you start the shower and continue during the shower. After few days everything will be OK.

The main purpose of this cold shower is to start the body and maintain it resistant to cold. If your body gets cold for a while, all processes started to run at 100%, so the body is prepared for everyday work.

This procedure also keeps you fresh. If you are tired you can have a cold shower too or just put cold water on your face or even chest.

A lot of people starts some morning exercises as the first time thing after waking up. This is quite unhealthy, because your body is not in normal mode. Especially muscles and hearth are in "sleep mode", so you can hurt yourself.

Do this every day, and you will upgrade your health with cold resistance, you will have stronger and healthier heart and also you will be fresh for you job.

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