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Will ( Healthy Mind ) Training Exercise No. 2

Candle for you health mind training photo by 4028mdk09
After you master the Exercise No. 1, you significantly improve your healthy lifestyle exactly you will have more healthy mind.

This second exercise is advanced mind control technique to improve your skills. With this technique you will be able to fully control your will and also to control some of your vegetative functions such as breath and heart rate, energy distribution to your muscles and sense sensitivity. This is really science based on biochemical processes in your own body.

Technique No. 2

1. Turn off everything that makes some noise (phone, ring, alarm clock).
2. Sit or lie down, it is up to you, but you have to feel comfortable and you have to stay up. For some people to lie down starts the sleeping phase.
3. Imagine this: You are in some very dark large room. You can also imagine other space, there is no limit. There is nothing but dark black around you. If you were in a deep cave without a light, you know what I mean. You see nothing but lighting candle in front of you. Watch this candle, do not think of anything nor you are watching the candle.

Start doing this exercise about one or two minutes. After some time, when you have no problem to be imagine the picture of the candle, you can add 30 seconds. Add another time this way and if you will be able to concentrate on the candle for 10 minutes, you have very good mind control.

Technique of imagination could be used as self-programming interface to your body. You can experiment with your own alarm clock. Imagine, that you will wake up in some time tommorow, for couple of minutes. If your will is trained well, you will do so. The same it is with stopping smoking, loosing weight or being better in anything real.

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