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The Will ( Healthy Mind )

Healhy monk in meditation
photo by Tevaprapas Makklay
Well, you are visiting my blog about health so I can expect that you are interested in healthy lifestyle and maybe you want to change your health in positive way. So how to do it?

The very first and the most important thing in your way to be healthy is your will. Is it really so important as I wrote? Yes, of course! Nothing is more important that your health.

There were a couple of people in our history, who were successful despite of very hard or nearly impossible conditions at their side. Remember Terry Fox, who ran 5378 km in 143 days only with one leg and cancer in his body. Or Stephen Hawking, one of the biggest physicists of these days. He is not able to move, he can speak with special device only and he can move only partially with one hand, but he is a university teacher and have done a lot in physics reasearch.

Do you think you have a good will? Try some experiment - imagine now some activity you really hate and do not want to do it. Is there some? Well, now leave the computer and start doing this activity. Are you able to do it for one hour?
If so, you have a very good will and you can start to change your health. If not I will show you some special exercises to improve you will and do whatever you want.

See you in next post.

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