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Money For You - 10 USD monthly

I was thinking about some advertisement for this site, but also found out the high expenses of that and unsure result.

So I decided it is better to give the money to you - my readers. It is not really for free, but for seconds or minutes work.

The rules are following:

1. You will put the link to this blog to any Internet content you have (website, profile, blog, Facebook or Twitter). The link have to be visible (NOT masked) and NOT with attribute NOFOLOW.
The link code is:

<a href="">Health For Everyone></a>

"Instead the Health For Everyone" you can use any other text like "Good Blog" ;)

2. You will send me e-mail at with subject "Money For You Link" and there will be link(s) in body where previous link is present. Number of links are not limited. Also include your name, surname and country.

3. Every month until I end this competition I will run a script that randomly select one link and the lucky one who owns it get 10 USD (PayPal, BankTransfer). Every link is one row in database, so the more links you submit, the better chance to get the money.

4. I will re-check if link to this blog is still present. If not, Rule 3 applied. If I cannot access your site, I will try it 3 more times for 3 days, otherwise Rule 3 applied.

5. The winner will be announced every month (name, surname, country) and will be contacted for payment details till 15th next month.

If you do not have a site, blog or profile, you can create some site with Google Sites, blog at Wordpress or profile at Facebook.

Good Luck!

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