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Will ( Healthy Mind ) Training Exercise No. 1

Cinema for your helthy mindphoto by Fernando de Sousa
As I promised in my last post, I will show you some special will training techniques to improve your healthy living. Remember - health is everything.

The first technique is also used in psychology to remove negative emotions from your mind. So if you will train this way, you will get two results - you can start to build your life in healthy way and you will clear you mind from the negative emotions and pictures. Also you can use this to remove light anxiety or depression.

Technique No. 1

1. Turn off everything that makes some noise (phone, ring, alarm clock).
2. Sit or lie down, it is up to you, but you have to feel comfortable and you have to stay up. For some people to lie down starts the sleeping phase.
3. Imagine this: You are sitting in empty cinema and watching the movie. This movie is your current thought in your brain. E.g. you are thinking about eating, so you will see you eating in some restaurant. Observe your thought on projections screen, but try to feel nothing. You must try to stay neutral to you though, no feelings, only observing. After a couple of seconds imagine, that the movie is not color anymore, but it is black and white. After next couple of seconds imagine, that the film is getting smaller and smaller and at the end, there is only small spot on the top left corner of the projection screen and you are not able to recognize any image. Immediately start to observe next thought and do the same process with it. The main goal is to have the projections screen full of small spots, but no new thought to observe. Do not focus on cinema equipment but only on the movies.

Start doing this exercise about one or two minutes. After some time, when you have no problem to be in the cinema for whole minute, add 30 seconds. Add another time this way and if you will be able to concentrate on the cinema and thought for 10 minutes, you are ready to next exercise.

You can substitute the cinema for the computer, where you watch the video and minimalize the movie to the taskbar.

Some people can pass this exercise very quickly (in a days), other in a weeks or months. You must sustain and the victory will be yours.

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