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Changing Your Lifestyle Slowly

Healthy ganglion
You already know the power of healthy mind for changing your lifestyle. So what will be the next step in your way of improving your health?

It is not good to do some changes in your lifestyle too fast. Why? Your body is very compicated organism, mostly based on biochemical or bioelectrical processes. If you are used to live and eat some way, the body reflects it and adapts its processes.

If you change your lifestyle too fast, these processes stays in the old way for some time and your body will have deficiency of some important substances, that was made based on your previous lifestyle. This can lead to some negative states e.g. you will be tired, have headache, be ill (because of weak immune system), have anxieties or depressions, and in the worst cases your body gets some kind of shock (hypoglycemic , etc.).

So it is very important to start slowly changing your lifestyle. The best way is to stop your bad habits (such as taking drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol a lot, ...). With this, your lifestyle changes from negative to neutral.

After that it is right way to start with good habits such as exercises, healthy meals, positive mind, etc. So your lifestyle changes from neutral to positive.

The worst thing you can do is to migrate your normal eating to vegetarian, vegan o macrobiotics overnight.

In following post we will start with stopping your bad habits.

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