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Truffle Tremor - Lots of It!

I have never purchased the 3lb Truffle Tremor wheel before.

The typical price per pound for a wheel is around $75; more if purchased outside of Humboldt County.

However, the other day our favorite award-winning dairy company, Cypress Grove Chevre , located just 12 miles from my kitchen (oh, how I like to say), introduced a special edition of their Truffle Tremor . and I removed a wheel, it was all broken.

Do you see the price per kilo?

What you see here on my kitchen counter is a very old wheel. To my taste it is possible to obtain the ideal state of this cheese . The bloom is velvety and white, the velvety layer under the rind (called proteolysis, my favorite part) is thick and runny, and the texture of the cheese is thick and crumbly. Taste? You can read a review I wrote a few years ago here .

So why is this mentioned? I have no idea.

Maybe the good people of Cypress Grove just wanted to give us a Valentine's Day gift.

Well, Cypress Grove, I love you too.

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