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Nutrition Pack Parathas

Ukhas is currently in a state where he wants to eat everything by himself, so I'm trying to get creative with food he can eat by of the list is paranthas...this is what I came up with: It came out and everyone was crazy about it

1.5 cup atta (use whole wheat or I use Pilsbury Multigrain Atta)
1/2 cup sweet corn kernels, steamed and ground
1/2 onion sliced
1 handful of chopped blackberry leaves
1 handful of chopped methi leaves
1/2 tsp ajwain seeds
1 teaspoon of oil
Salt to taste
A little red chili
A little mozzarella cheese
You can add green chili if kids don't want to eat it

1. Knead the dough of all ingredients except cheese.
2. We shape the dough into a small disc and fill it with cheese.
3. Fold and twist again
4. Fry both sides in vegetable oil, ghee or butter of your child's choice.

Served with cheese

This is a very tasty dish, and those on a diet should avoid cheese and fried food without oil...

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