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Not-too-chilli paneer

This is a very simple paneer recipe that can be served with rice, roti or even bread.

Serves 4-5

350g paneer, cut into 1cm cubes (or whatever size is comfortable for kids)
1 medium pepper
mashed potatoes
2 tomatoes
3 small onions
bunch of coriander leaves
2 green chilies
1.5 teaspoons ginger paste
shah jira
Shah Mirch
3/4 teaspoon salt
Heat the oil.
Add cinnamon, Shah Jeera and Shah Mirch.
As soon as the mixture has broken down (I don't know how to explain the moment when it was just right!), I add puree.
let it cook
Add the paneer and bring back to a boil.
Add the seeded and diced peppers and wait for them to cook.
Simmer for about 2 minutes.

That's all.

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