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Meyer Lemons: Recipes Redux

When Bill (or life, as they say) gives you a Meyer lemon, go for it. . . after these ellipses, place any number of plates by adding lemons.

That morning, while visiting family and friends in the Sacramento Valley to pick from the trees in his backyard, my friend Bill gave me a bag of Meyer lemons. Bill has been gifting me these beauties for several years now and the joy of receiving them never fades.

You see them there; The picture was taken a few minutes ago in my rather dark winter kitchen. Mayer lemons are to winter what the sun is to summer. pieces of golden sunshine that light up and perfume the house. infuse food with smooth tangerine and lemon essence; pushing away the still cold and gray remnants of winter.

Tonight I will add juice and flavor to this sauce with savoy lacquer .

Tomorrow I will probably make the same syrup , but without much alcohol.

I won't be giving you a new recipe today, but photos and links to previous recipes to encourage you to use Meyer lemons in your cooking repertoire. (I know some of my older posts leave a lot to be desired, both in terms of content and photography. I laugh. I laugh. I'll fix them one day. Or not.)

Recently, several completely unrelated readers told me that they used it as inspiration to create their own recipes. I like.

Meyer lemon recipes to inspire you, from my kitchen to yours.

Meyer lemons make my homemade baked beans even better

Winter squash soup with Meyer lemons and other delicious foods

Need a winter booster? Make chicken soup for the flu , with Meyer lemons, of course.

Try this high-alcohol version of the Lemon Drop cocktail: Meyer Lemon Drop Sorbet.
And anyway, how about a Meyer Lemon Blueberry Ginger Tea Cake ?
While I'm cooking, there's an old post that really needs an update, but scones and ricotta are amazing

Is dessert yours?

Why not try Lemon Moist Whole Roasted Chicken for a weeknight fix.
Or do you prefer a light and pleasant citrus sauce with fish ? I thought so.

If the recipes above don't deplete your supply of Meyer lemons,
Straining and freezing the juices will extend their life well into spring and summer and will make your true chef very happy.

For your health!

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