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Making them eat carrots...

(Yellow carrots from your garden: Try growing your own garden at home with your child!)
Sunny Boy likes to eat raw carrots. He usually wants his favorite " sauce ", which is nothing more than a 1:2 mixture of lemon juice and olive oil with a little mustard, salt and pepper.
But in fact it is better to eat it slightly cooked, because useful vitamins are absorbed more easily. In addition to the essential fats/oils, its soft texture allows the body to easily digest and absorb the benefits of this wonderful vegetable. Of course, carrots should retain their fresh color: this indicates that they are not overcooked.
But how many children of this type do you have? Happy boy? It depends on his mood, but I usually have to put it in his mouth.
But there were two things that made him eat Pleasure itself is:
  1. Slice very finely and cook with rice or cook/roast separately and add to pasta or any vegetables of your choice. Everyone worked for me
  2. Shape them into these beautiful flowers and bake or roast them as shown in the image below (you can also add them raw to salads).

The final product….
My tips for serving vegetables to children:
  1. Don't mix too many different ingredients and they will easily eat the vegetables!
  2. Serve in very small portions
  3. Give the food you serve a funny or catchy name
Some old information remains in the draft that was finally published:

Calcium, like zinc, reduces the absorption of iron, and since iron is also a very important mineral that the body needs, calcium-rich sources should be avoided during main meals.

Good reports on the effects of calcium on iron absorption.
Another informative page about the minerals our body needs.

Here are some good sources of calcium and iron on

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