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Kitchen Gadgets I Could Live Without But Would Prefer Not To: 1970s Nutmeg Grater

This vintage nutmeg grater has graced my kitchen and grated nutmeg for 37 years (I go way back and yes, it has). I purchased it from a now (sadly) closed gift shop in downtown Davis, my hometown, called Discoveries , a place that had small beginnings in 1960 and occupied three levels: basement, main, and second floor after that. brings. The former Cinema II independent cinema. My older children fondly remember a basement filled with quality children's toys, including their favorite LEGOs.

Discoveries was the first gift shop of its kind in Davis, selling unusual postcards (a rarity in those days), small kitchen utensils, and tableware (where I purchased my first cloth napkins, perhaps in shades of avocado and "gold"). ), unique small gifts, the most beautiful branded gift box, gold frosting, a small bouquet of dried straw flowers included in each beautifully wrapped package, and the most extensive section of kitchen accessories you will ever see. Oh no. You can say, and I believe it, that my cooking began with discovery.

Dorothy Briggs, one of the three original owners who remained the sole owner/operator until 1993, was an absolutely horrible woman. As a 23-year-old, I remember wanting to return a duplicate wedding gift and he looked at me, sending a brief warning to "come back when it's not so busy" , and what I was thinking. ?

So what makes nutmeg so special? It's made of stainless steel, has never corroded (I stopped using ground nutmeg when I bought it, freshly grated nutmeg is so much better), can store ungrated nutmeg in a lidded compartment , and is made in West Germany. Yes, West Germany. Which, when I looked, was already gone.

Something like an opening.

You can get a stainless steel nutmeg grater made in China from my Amazon store , but if you really want one like I do, you'll have to go to an antique shop.

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