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Jade Chocolates: My New BFF

Tart dried green mango, tangy chili lime sauce, gray sea salt grains and sweet dark chocolate bars are all perfect for munching on. My God.

One bite and I fell in love.

I bought a box, shared it with friends, and had to leave San Francisco to come home the next day. There is no more time to buy.

One week has passed. The excitement has begun. I looked at their website , couldn't find it. (Well, tell me it won't be released for a few weeks, right?)

And then... and then... here they are. I couldn't ship the order fast enough; My fingers moved quickly across the keyboard.

After a few days they came to our door and Mr CC took them; Wrapped in a nondescript brown shipping box, I had no idea what I had in my hands (hehe).

Yes, I'm participating. But in all honesty, folks, in all honesty.

Jade Chocolates is an award-winning company based in San Francisco, run by Mindy Fung , owner, chocolatier, and a very nice person. Read his bio and discover the chocolate he creates by blending fine chocolate with Asian and Pacific Island teas and spices.

If you want, and I highly encourage you to do so, you can now order these mango treats from Jade Chocolates and take advantage of their special price. I think they will satisfy your tongue very much.

Full disclosure: I was not asked to review this product and was not compensated in any way. Sometimes I just want to say hello.

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