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Coming Out From Under a Rock . . .

. . . At least I hope so.

It's been a while since I last appeared here. And frankly, the posts I've written in the past seven months haven't touched my heart. I don't know what to say. Acting like nothing happened is not my style. When change happens, when life takes a hit, I want to share it. I am an explainer. But you know, some things are very personal.
Then I calmed down.

When I read a blogger's recent post I really respect, there it was: a way to re-enter the world of recipes, stories and photographs with words without giving away privacy. In other words, get out from under my rock. I hid without making a mistake.

So now, with some trepidation, I begin again, testing my voice, here on this page.

I have a whole rabbit roasting in my slow cooker right now. I don't want to be a copycat, because I completely forgot the recipe when I took the rabbit out of the freezer, and of course I chose the ingredients for my own reasons, but still, something resonated with my culinary subconscious, so it inspired me on many levels to follow this recipe. Credit and thanks to Lucy for this. . .

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