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Christine Cooks is Six years Old Today

Today is the seventh year that I have written this blog.

I welcome this result with mixed feelings.

This morning I took an interesting journey through my blog posts back to February 2005, looking at some opening posts and photos (or lack thereof), laughing at some recipes, smiling at others. the guards

What I see most often is a genuine desire to eat well and be healthy at the same time.

Sometimes these efforts lead me down questionable paths: egg substitutes instead of whole eggs; Trans fat-free margarine is a good substitute for butter. month

Wheat or no wheat?

Full, reduced or low fat?

Sugar or no sugar?

Splendor? (Okay, yes, that's my weakness.)

Omnivore, vegetarian, vegan?

Reading some of my posts may surprise you.

I have often thought about eliminating the noisiest ones, but the travel documentation is incomplete. And what makes this story interesting to me is the journey .

Life is a test.

We try things on, we wear them for a while to see if we like them, sometimes we throw them away because they're trendy, sometimes they become a permanent part of our wardrobe. Of course I'm talking about food in a figurative sense.

What I've learned about nutrition is that it's not just about moderation , but about eating the right foods to live healthily, to be “healthy.”

Some must be vegan or vegetarian. Some people should avoid fat, salt and sugar. Some people should avoid gluten, especially wheat. I've tried them all. They are written on the pages of this blog, sometimes a little verbose. I don't regret it. It's all part of the journey.

And after thinking about it, I decided to continue this journey a little longer. I still have food to say, cook and share.

As I enter my seventh year, I know I will focus on recipes that reflect my goals of eating foods that work for me to live a healthier life.

I will quote Michael Pollan from time to time.

And I'll try not to pontificate.

you are with me

Yes, there will be Splenda.

I won't give up some things.

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