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When it comes to fashion, the finishing touches are what set one piece apart from another

When it comes to fashion, the finishing touches are what set one piece apart from another

Those things are in most houses, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). And there are hundreds of choices to be made about those 3,000 components while constructing a house. a single-car or a double-car garageIs it better to have carpeting or wood floors? Oak or white cabinetry? Wallpaper or paint? Stainless steel or polished brass? As you can see, the list is long, long, long...

It's crucial to take your time and carefully evaluate each option you choose, even if these questions seem overwhelming at first. And when it comes to house construction, it's not only the big decisions that count. Accessories, for example, might be as vital, if not more so, than larger ones. There are many little details that may make or break a room's design, like lighting, towel bars, and glass shelves.

In the bathroom, for example, these objects have a considerable impact. Designer and producer Creative Specialties International, a leader in the bath accessory industry, has appointed Eric Jungbluth as vice president and general manager. "The style of a bathroom reveals a lot about the person who owns it." According to our findings, customers want their baths to provide them with a positive emotional experience, such as a feeling of peace, tranquility, and good taste. It's possible to bring these sentiments to the bathroom in a matter of seconds by using the correct accessories and finishing touches.

However, where do you begin? Is a certain decorating style matched by certain accessories? What are the various accessory options? Learn more about the world of accessories by reading on!

In this section, we'll cover all you need.

As we all know, no ensemble is complete without the final touches. Adding a vintage belt, a pair of fashionable sunglasses, or new jewelry may give an outfit a distinct look. When it comes to apparel, why stop there? Make your home your own with the proper combination of accessories and a dash of your own personal taste.

Is there a better way to spruce up your home? "Accessorizing is the art of positioning and arranging things to enhance the style of a place, add personality, and most importantly, generate visual appeal," says Sherry Ruggieri, host of HGTV's Design & Decorating show.

According to a new poll, Americans place a high value on aesthetics when it comes to decorating their homes, whether it's the bathroom or the whole house. More than two-thirds of those questioned by Creative Specialties International and Rooms of America, a market research group, said that style was "quite significant" to "very important" in their overall decorating selections.

Customers tend to design their homes in one of three ways: country, casual-contemporary, or classic, according to the study results. Three-quarters of Americans design in a casual style (often referred to as modern), followed by 35 percent who like a more conventional look, and 27 percent who choose a country theme, which includes secondary themes such as Shaker, Country French, and Mission style.

Adding bath accessories

When you've decided on a style for your house, how do you apply it to your bathroom? What's the first step? And what kind of adornments are appropriate?

According to Jungbluth, when it comes to adorning the bathroom, there are no hard-and-fast rules. "This does not necessitate that you furnish your bathroom in the same style as your living room and kitchen." It's up to you to decide what looks best in your house, so play around with various combinations of styles. "

In terms of decorating the bathroom, where should you get started? If you're looking to change the style of your bathroom by merely changing out the accessories, HGTV personality Joan Kohn recently asked two well-known designers for their "words of wisdom." There are just three steps, according to designers Jean Zoller and Nancy Redifer. Since the tub must be built before the walls and windows are put up, this is the first design choice that must be made in any bathroom. In the end, the tub's hue will have a direct impact on the remainder of the room's colors. If the walls, floor, and fixtures in the bathroom are painted in neutral hues, it will be simple to modify the room's appearance by adding new decorations. Candles, towel rings, plants, mirrors, robe hooks, glass shelves, and more are all bath accessories. Color may also be employed as an accent, with darker hues evoking a more traditional sense, while brighter hues convey a more modern vibe.

Last but not least, according to Jungbluth, when it comes to accessorizing, "Think outside the box when it comes to accessories. Towel racks, glass shelves, and robe hooks may all be arranged in a row on a wall. By combining different sizes and textures, an intriguing flavor may be added to a space.

Many Alternatives

Chrome and polished brass were the main options in the bathroom accessories market until recently. Thanks to the industry's rapid evolution over the previous decade, bath accessories are now available in a variety of finishes and styles.

According to Jungbluth, there has been a surge in demand for bath accessories in the past several years. Today's consumers have more options than ever. This ranges from classic patterns in oil-rubbed bronze to modern chrome brushed finishes; wrought iron finishes, maple and wood accessories, and fresh and imaginative design alternatives for the bathroom are available to homeowners.

Traditional finishes are still popular in the United States, despite the many modern possibilities available. According to the same poll, chrome is still the most preferred finish for bathroom accessories, but brushed nickel is on the rise as a close second. Customers are also becoming more interested in oil-rubbed bronze and wrought iron finishes. However, non-chrome finishes currently account for about half of the bathroom accessory market.

As a result of this thorough investigation, Creative Specialties International has just released four new bath accessory collections that accurately mirror the various bathing trends now in vogue. Traditional, contemporary, casual, and country styles are all represented by the Inspirations brand's Kelsey, Vernini, Sienna, and Westbury lines.

The Kelsey series has a distinct nostalgic style, combining simple curved shapes with delicate accents. Its spherical base with ceramic embellishments and curving posts makes it ideal for a bath with a more laid-back aesthetic.

The Vernini bath accessory series is great for individuals searching for modern elegance in a bath accessory. Inspired by contemporary European design, it provides a clean and contemporary aesthetic for the bathroom. The geometric-shaped posts and finials of this collection make it stand out from the rest of the pack.

Wrought iron takes on a whole new aspect with the Sienna line, which gives it a more fashionable and modern appeal. The collection's handmade craftsmanship is highlighted by a striking black finish, which works well in a variety of bathroom design situations.

The warm beauty of ornamental wood in the Westbury line adds a rustic vibe to the bathroom. Wooden bathroom accessories are given a traditional look with this collection's use of classic features from the bathroom accessory design world. For an updated aesthetic, it has metal highlights and is intended to complement today's most popular cabinetry finishes. It is small enough to fit in a bathroom without dominating it.

The End of the Road

Congratulations! You should now be able to confidently put the finishing touches on your house with the help of the wide range of accessories available. When it comes to decorating, you've mastered the art of accessorizing. The space is thoughtfully designed and has your unique imprint.

In any case, we can all see the enormous impact accessories can have on shaping the aesthetic of your house. Try new ideas, but remember to keep the style constant.

What is the best advice you've ever received?"Experiment and try new methods," said Jungbluth. Using decorative accessories is a quick and easy way to transform the appearance of a space.

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