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Why Do I Paint?

I started this blog because I started to paint!

My background is in graphic design and illustration, for many years!

The idea of writing a blog post as an artist is not an easy task but I wanted to challenge myself to do something that got me into a different space. I am a life long learner after all.

If I were to keep my paintings to myself it wouldn't be fair to people who wanted to know how to become an artist. As an artist I try to inspire others.

I want to inspire and to help grow something new in someone's life.

I PAINT BECAUSE... I wanted to learn how to paint! I like working with my hands and creating something very new and unique. My ideas are always kind of based on what I want to see in the market place.

So I taught myself how to work with color and design of the painting. I experimented with materials.

I have spent hundreds of hours researching other painters, styles, business models, techniques, and social media ideas.

I PAINT BECAUSE...I wanted to work from home on my own. I needed to be in control of my art.

I PAINT BECAUSE... I feel good doing it. I can get out of my head space and become so focused on the painting that it takes me away from other things that are difficult in life.

I PAINT BECAUSE... I can help other businesses to create products and income. So, I license my art to large manufacturers and greeting card companies.

I researched how to do all of this in very simple ways on my own. But I did read a lot of articles from other artists who also license their work. I searched out companies that wanted to license my art and I work very hard to continually provide them with beautiful designs for their products. Art is always needed in the market place all over the world.

I am always working on expanding my ability to make the most of each piece of art.

I create an original painting, I photograph the painting, create a digital hi res file, lo res file, and then I sell the original, and gain licensing for that image as well so that it can bring me royalties on a regular basis.

Don't be afraid to start painting. It will heal your soul and feed your spirit!   ~ Karen

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