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New Painting in Progress


30 x 30 x 1.5"

A Painting in Progress

When I start a new painting, I just start with a color I love. 

Have to start...have to get the feel for what I want to do on the canvas. 

At this point, there are no mistakes...I love that part!


Next is to continue to visualize the composition and subject matter very 

simply with large shapes of color for a background.

Large areas are blocked off for different parts of the canvas.

The painting looks very raw at this point and it can be confusing to not know what  it will become at the end. But, when I am working lately, I have been listening to music like 

REM and Coldplay to continue to greatly inspire me. I didn't used to listen to music as I painted.

I have just recently discovered that when I do listen, I find a peaceful place in my  mind.

Time to take a break! 

My mind will rest and my eyes will see a fresh canvas tomorrow.

Thank you for following me.

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