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Creating My New Painting Today!


30 x 30 x 1.5"

Painting in Progress on the Easel

Thank you for viewing my creation process!

I'm getting my canvas ready for my newest design 

on canvas so the first thing

I do is light my candle, turn on my awesome music,

get my coffee ready, and set up my paints.

The colors are laid down and I get a sense of the direction I 

will go with this new piece.  

I know I will be working on a floral abstract

taken from a previous painting I had done but with a twist.

I get right to quickly, yet thoughtfully, sketching my fresh ideas 

on the canvas with my favorite sketch color of  yellow ochre. 

This is where the color scheme will come into play.

I am hoping to use some cool and warm colors that will include

blues, greens, and then some oranges and peaches.

I'm thinking that I would love to add some pop of contrast 

using darker shades of blue and some black here.

I am enjoying creating different markings

and small textural designs to give the painting more fun

and interest, making it a bit more unique to my style.

I have worked with the painting for several hours now.

Ready to take a breather and give it fresh eyes a little later.

I'll continue on this way...Something may change, but I really

like the unfolding of this particular painting! It's great fun 

to create shapes and color on a large canvas...A part of my soul is

captured here in this piece of art.

Thank you for following my process! I am grateful.  ~ Karen

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