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Grilled Cheese Caprese Sandwich #Recipe

got a little chilly outside recently and as a result I have been making a lot
of warm comfort foods over the last week. The cold is working its way through
my family right now and everyone has the sniffles but me. So I have been
toiling away like crazy in my kitchen making soups, sandwiches, and every
comfort dish I can think of to help my family feel better. One of my go-to
comfort foods (especially for lunch time) is the grilled cheese sandwich. Only…
I have been having a craving for caprese lately. So I decided to combine my
love of grilled cheese with my need to eat caprese and BOOM – my grilled cheese
caprese sandwich is the result (it is really yummy too).

Grilled Cheese Caprese Sandwich #Recipe #ComfortFood #YUM

What you need:

Bread (2 slices per sandwich)

Olive Oil

Mozzarella Cheese (I bought mine sliced to
save time)

Fresh Basil

Grape Tomatoes

How to make it:

Brush one side of each slice of bread with
olive oil.

On the side that does not have olive oil
place one slice of mozzarella cheese.

Place a layer of fresh basil leaves on top of
the slice of mozzarella cheese.

Slice the grape tomatoes (I typically slice
them in half or in thirds – length wise) and place the sliced tomatoes on top
of the fresh basil.

Cover the tomatoes with a slice of mozzarella
cheese and the final slice of bread with the olive oil facing out.

Place the sandwich on a frying pan and cook
over medium heat until golden brown. Flip the bread over and cook until golden
brown on the other side. This should take about 1-2 minutes per side.

Grilled Cheese Caprese Sandwich #Recipe #ComfortFood #YUM #foodie

Grilled Cheese Caprese Sandwich #Recipe #ComfortFood #YUM #Caprese


have been in the mood for caprese for a little over a week now and I do not
want to tell you how many times I have made this sandwich for myself. Typically
when I make this grilled cheese caprese sandwich I will make a traditional grilled
cheese for my children – only the last few times I have made it my son has
negotiated half my sandwich away from me. He is a big fan of this sandwich as

This recipe is linked up at  Friday Food Frenzy

love a good grilled cheese sandwich and frequently play around with how I make
it. Sometimes I add meat, sometimes I add veggies, and sometimes I go
traditional. It is fun to switch things up and my kids like to help me
experiment in the kitchen.

What is your favorite type
of grilled cheese sandwich?

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