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The Toys of the ABC Kids Expo #ABCKids14

I am a big kid at heart and I adore shopping
for toys for my children. I also love it when I find the perfect gift to give
to my family and friends – be it child or adult. Because lets be perfectly
honest here, a lot of toys are just as much for the parent as they are for the
kid. At least that seems to be the way it is in our house. At the ABC Kids Expo
in Las Vegas this year there were some really fun toys that I had the
opportunity to check out and play with and there are definitely some that are
making my the kids holiday wish list.

ABC Kids Expo 2014 The Toys of #ABCKids14

One company at the ABC Kids Expo that really grabbed my
attention was sigikid, a family company from Germany. They make some really unique products with serious personality. There are the BEASTS: quirky and fun plush toys. And then there are the ACTIVITY TOYS: they rattle, vibrate, squeak, crackle, and educate. All of these toys are beautiful and entertaining in person and are totally worth checking out. 

ABC Kids Expo 2014 The Toys of #ABCKids14 Sigikid

ABC Kids Expo 2014 The Toys of #ABCKids14 Sigikid BEASTS

Then there was the fun bold bright rouxroo booth. These ladies were fantastic
and their Tangram Soft Blocks had me at hello and the Square2 Blanket
is lovely. No, really… I think I may have shocked Lila and Karina with my
enthusiasm for the Tangram toy blocks {I am a total Tangram addict}. The fact
that their products are certified organic from
field to finished only makes me like them more. Pictured below is 
Kerri from I am the Maven with Lila from rouxroo showing of the Square2 Blanket

ABC Kids Expo 2014 The Toys of #ABCKids14 rouxroo

I saw a lot of fox toys at ABC Kids and one
of my favorites was Rusty the Fox at the Maison Chic booth. These toys were
soft, plush, and ridiculously cute. Rusty the Fox, Harry the Hedgehog, and Alex
the Alligator were calling my name and I want them all. From tooth fairy
pillows, nap mats, rattles, and blankets Maison Chic had a great selection
of unique children and baby gifts.

ABC Kids Expo 2014 The Toys of #ABCKids14 Maison Chic

Like many moms with little ones we own a cloud b product, or two, or six… I have been
a fan of cloud b products for quite a while now and was very impressed with
their MaxLoveProject that they spoke about at the ABC Kids Expo. Super Max the Turtle will be available in early 2015. They also
showed off Charley the Chameleon, a really adorable character. 

ABC Kids Expo 2014 The Toys of #ABCKids14 cloudb supermax charley the chameleon

Speaking of bright lights at ABCKids14, Buggy
Brites caught my attention while I was walking the expo floor. Buggy Brites is fun caterpillar that lights
up and can double as entertainment for the child as well as help to keep mom
and baby safe when out strolling around on rainy or dark days.

ABC Kids Expo 2014 The Toys of #ABCKids14 buggy brites

It is really fun for me when I find toys that
remind me of my childhood. Begin AgainToys made me nostalgic for the toys I grew up with. You know the ones; they
didn’t require batteries, they were incredibly durable, and they were more than
likely made out of some type of wood. There were puzzles, games, developmental
toys and more at the Begin Again booth that would make fantastic gifts for
children of all ages.

ABC Kids Expo 2014 The Toys of #ABCKids14 Begin Again Toys

I spent quite a bit of time in the HABA booth, as I have a baby, a toddler, and
a school age child who would love any number of different toys I saw there. The
tents were fantastic and all of my children would have a field day with them.
The lilliputiens
plush toys were fantastic and colorful. But the big thing that spoke to me were
the games for preschool age children. My kids love playing games as a family
and I do not feel that there are nearly enough preschool age appropriate games
out there- these were great!

ABC Kids Expo 2014 The Toys of #ABCKids14 HABA

ABC Kids Expo 2014 The Toys of #ABCKids14 HABA lilleputiens

Then there is Boon, one of my favorite companies
with their sleek modern design that works for the whole family. They had some pretty
cool looking bath toys that I want to play with! The Pipes stick to the wall
and allow water to flow from one pipe to another. Boon is bringing it with Marco
the adorable little diver, Cast the fun fishing game, the Fleet of ships, and the
Water Bugs you can catch in a net. These should definitely make bath time tons
more fun for little ones.

ABC Kids Expo 2014 The Toys of #ABCKids14 Boon PIPES, MARCO, CAST, FLEET, and WATER BUGS

My adventure in Las Vegas at the ABC Kids
Expo is not over. There is still more to come - so stay tuned! Until then I would
love to hear your thoughts on these toys!

Which toys look good to you?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I was not given
product or compensated and no one asked me to write it. While I was given a
media pass to attend the ABC Kids Expo I covered all costs for attending this
event myself. This is all just me sharing photos, thought, and opinions on new
products coming out. I have not had a chance to personally test out every
single one of these products.

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