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September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month

is almost over and October has one foot in the door, but before I say goodbye
to September I wanted to give it one last shout-out. September is Newborn
Screening Awareness Month and this is a very important topic for me as a mother
of three little ones.

September Newborn Screening

what exactly is newborn screening? Newborn Screening is a series of tests that
can detect a variety of disorders in newborns. There is the heel prick blood
test, the hearing test, and the pulse oximeter test.

ABC's of Newborn Screening

every state is the same. You can see what your state tests for at the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation.
If you are unsure what specific testing your hospital/birthing center/midwife
performs – don’t be afraid to ask.

have participated in some great twitter parties with The Baby Ladies as well as some fun and
educational BlogHer Baby Showers. I have enjoyed learning more about this
cause. As a former educator I am all about being prepared and learning all I
can in order to provide the best start for my family.

a baby? Know someone who is expecting a child? Take a minute to learn more
about newborn screening and help spread the word. Use Baby’s First Test and Save Babies Through Screening Foundation as
helpful resources – as both sites are filled with information.

September Newborn Screening

knew about the heel prick test and the hearing test before I had children, but
I did not know about the pulse oximeter test {this test checks the amount of
oxygen in baby’s blood by using a sensor attached to a finger or a foot and is
not invasive}. As a result, I did not know to ask about this test or push for it with my children. Now I know. Now I will ask. Because the more you know, the better you can do.

you know about these newborn screening tests?

you know what specific testing your state performs?

I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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