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Just a little conversation about my art prints

Why I am changing my print offerings exclusively to Fine Art America

About 6 years ago, when I was asked if I could create art prints from my paintings, I was very happy to learn, research, and finally provide my art in various sizes on paper through my Etsy shop

The cost of purchasing an art print is very much a welcome part of decorating on a budget and offers an alternative to the original painting. However, I am now changing course with my prints.

My decision for my business now is to offer prints to you exclusively from my Fine Art America website

Here you will find 251 of my art prints available to you in many sizes and offerings. There is a vast array of small to huge sizes and presentations to choose from compared to what I used to offer in my Etsy shop. I feel that I am better able to serve you by offering a larger selection of product offerings in one place.

You can take a look here at all of the beautiful art I have ready for you.

There are 251 art prints to choose from there.

Come see:

 Karen Fields Art Prints 

Here are the types of art prints you can choose from when you are ready to look for prints:

Canvas Prints

Framed Prints

Acrylic Prints

Metal Prints


Greeting Cards

Thank you to all of my wonderful customers who love, follow, and purchase my artwork. I am grateful for you all.   ~ Karen

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