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How to make Elephant Toothpaste #CraftsForKids

children love a good science experiment and the elephant toothpaste experiment
that we got from a friend has been no exception. They love watching it bubble
up and overflow and they delight in guessing which color it is going to be {as
I keep the color of the eruption a surprise}. We performed this science
experiment in our back yard as a last hoorah and a way to say goodbye to the
lazy days of summer.


How to make elephant toothpaste: A science experiment to do at home! #tutorial

What you need:

soda pop bottle

½ cup
hydrogen peroxide


soap {I use a couple squirts of Dawn}

package of Active Yeast

Tablespoons of warm water

How to make it:

the hydrogen peroxide, food coloring, and dish soap into the empty soda bottle.
Set aside.

In a separate
container {I used a Pyrex measuring cup so that it would be easier to pour} mix
the yeast with the warm water.

the yeast mixture with the hydrogen peroxide mixture.

back and watch it go!

How to make elephant toothpaste: A science experiment to do at home!

How to make elephant toothpaste #Tutorial #Science #CraftForKids

How to make elephant toothpaste #Tutorial #Science #CraftForKids

note that I used a container to hold the mixture so that I could minimize the
mess. I would highly suggest using a deep dish, pan, or cookie sheet to hold
the overflow. Also, if you are working with young kids like me, remember to
keep a close eye on them as this is not edible. Be safe & have fun. My boys
were in complete awe of this experiment the first time we performed it and
could not wait to repeat it for their dad once he got home.

This is
a fun experiment and is really easy to do with kids. The cleanup is a breeze if
you are using a container to hold the entire overflow especially since you are
already using dish soap in the experiment! My children love doing science experiments
and this one is definitely one we will be repeating.

Do you have a favorite experiment that you or your kiddos
like to do?

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