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Family Frittata Fun with the Philips Airfryer #recipe #review

I love eggs. It is one of the simplest and most satisfying things that I can whip together in no time at all. It is easy, tastes great, and is chock full of protein. I love all kinds of eggs; scrambled, hard boiled, omelets, and quiches are my go-to favorites. But watch out because there is a new favorite in town – the frittata has taken over my kitchen! Even my children have gotten in on the fun of making these frittatas.

Frittata Recipe: lots of vegetables and breakfast is served in 16 minutes.

What you need:

3 eggs

2 pieces of bacon {cut up}

4-8 cherry tomatoes {halved}

¼ cup chopped fresh baby spinach

¼ cup diced sweet peppers

¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese

How to make it:

Preheat the Philips Airfryer at 360°

Take the chopped up bacon, halved cherry
tomatoes, diced peppers and tablespoon of olive oil and put it in the nonstick
baking dish. Cook for 8 minutes.

Next take the eggs and whisk in the chopped
fresh spinach and shredded cheddar cheese.

Add the egg mixture to the bacon and
vegetable mixture and put it back in the Airfryer for an additional 8 minutes.

Viola! It is done and ready to be devoured.

Breakfast Frittata #Recipe: Philips Airfryer Recipe

These frittatas are quick and simple to make. The recipe we came up has a lot of veggies and can easily be adapted to suite your family and what you enjoy in your eggs. I received a Philips Airfryer to facilitate my review and I got the idea of my frittata after participating in a Livestream
cooking demonstration with Luca Manfé, MasterChef Season 4 winner. He made an Italian
Frittata that inspired me to get creative in the kitchen with my children. You can check out his fabulous frittata demonstration in the video below.

While I am sure you could easily adapt this
recipe to use in your oven, I prefer to make frittatas in my Philips Airfryer –
as it cooks the frittatas all the way through in very little time. I love these
frittatas and I hope you do too.

Philips Airfryer Recipe & Review

What I love about the Philips Viva
Digital Airfryer:

The Airfryer fries, bakes, roasts and grills
with a tablespoon or less of oil making it a great solution for fast and
healthier meals and snacks. So my food comes out feeling and tasting lighter.

The digital control panel makes selecting an
accurate temperature a breeze. And with the 60 minute timer I can set my cook
time and go about my business – because once the timer goes off to let me know
my food is done the machine automatically shuts off.

One of my absolute favorite features of the
Airfryer is the fact that the oil pan and frying basket are both dishwasher
safe. I love those words – dishwasher safe
– it’s like magic to my ears. No more messy oily cleanup!

The patented Rapid Air heat circulation
technology means that my food is being evenly cooked throughout. Everything
comes out golden brown and I don’t have to stop and flip my food over halfway
through my cook time.

With the 1.8 lb capacity stainless steel frying basket I can make more in less time.

Philips Airfryer Recipe & Review

I have successfully used my Airfryer to make
chicken nuggets and french fries, fried Cajun shrimp for PoBoys, grilled
chicken, and my frittatas. I did try to make brownies in the nonstick baking
dish, but I think that I messed up my time and temperature somehow because they
took a lot longer than I anticipated. That is one that I will have to try

I have been having a blast coming up with new
recipes to try in my Airfryer and am hoping to bake come cupcakes in it next
week. I also want to try roasting a whole chicken in it sometime soon. The list
of ways to incorporate it into my meal preparation keeps growing! It is a
kitchen gadget that I really enjoy using.

Philips Airfryer Recipe & Review Mom Mart

You can purchase the Philips Viva Digital Airfryer through William Sonoma. It comes in black and white and retails for $299.95 {current retail price at time of review publication}. It
includes a frying basket, pull-out baking tray and metal rack. Accessories like
the Nonstick Baking Dish and Nonstick Grill Pan can be bought separately.

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