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Baby Carriers at ABC Kids Expo – Babywearing #ABCKids14

I love babywearing and have been doing it for
quite some time now. I started when I had my first child and I am still
sporting a baby carrier all around town today. I love seeing how much
babywearing has grown in popularity over the years and as a result the carriers
are becoming better and better by the day. At the ABC Kids Expo this year there
were plenty of baby carriers to ogle over and I thought I would share some of my
favorites with you. Here are the baby carriers of #ABCKids14 that stood out to
me in Las Vegas!

ABCKids14 Expo Baby Carriers #Babywearing #ABCKids14

I absolutely adore líllébaby. They are a group of really fantastic people and are usually
one of the first booths I search for at an event.
Lisbeth Lehan, the founder of líllébaby,
is incredibly kind and genuine and fun to chat with. It helps that I adore
their carriers too. They brought their A-game to ABC this year with the debut
of their líllébaby CarryOn toddler carrier. And with the woven blue/teal fabric
shown at ABC I am sold on this carrier. They also introduced their wrap
carrier, the líllébaby Tie-the-Knot wrap, which features a unique design that
prevents the wrap from ending up all over the floor when when you go to put it
on. They also introduced some really fun teething accessories which are more
than just a basic teething pad - thanks to the different style options and
silicone teethers. Last but not least, líllébaby also introduced the líllébaby
doll carrier line. These are too cute!

ABC Kids Expo Lillebaby Baby Carriers #ABCKids14

ABCKids14 Expo líllébaby Tie-the-Knot wrap

ABCKids14 Expo líllébaby doll carrier

The Beco booth was a blast at ABC Kids thanks
to their fun and friendly staff. They were eager to show off the new patterns
for the Soleil Baby Carrier {Due out 2014/15}. I have to admit they are pretty.
The new Soleil patterns are Twilight Soleil, Teepee Soleil, Scribble Soleil,
and Arrow Soleil.  These new prints bring
the fun!


ABC Kids Expo Beco Baby Carriers #ABCKids14

ABCKids14 Expo Beco Arrow Soleil

Onya baby introduced two new colors to their
cruiser: pearl gray and lapis blue. Both of which are beautiful! The cruiser
can be worn front, back, side, or used with a chair to provide instant seating
for your little one when out and about.

ABCKids14 Expo OnyaBaby Cruiser

I have owned an ErgoBaby carrier for years
and have used the infant insert with my children during their infancy. I am not
going to lie; both my baby and I were drenched in sweat after wearing our
ErgoBaby with infant insert. It gets hot. Thankfully ErgoBaby has revamped
their infant insert and come up with a solution to this hot box issue. Their answer
is the Cool Mesh Infant Insert. I am very excited about these changes. The
backing is now a breathable mesh, the base pillow has been adjusted, and the
closure has been tweaked making this a more user friendly and comfortable
infant insert. They have also added some new colors and prints to their lineup
so be on the lookout for the Dewdrop, Teal, Quartz, Whale, Starburst, and Dandelion

ABCKids14 Expo ErgoBaby Infant Insert Babywearing

ABCKids14 ErgoBaby New Prints #ABCKids14

Another great brand that I enjoy interacting
with is BABYBJÖRN. I am addicted to their BABYBJÖRN
Baby Carrier ONE and have one in black and mesh. They have recently launched
their Baby Carrier WE which is similar to the ONE carrier, but with a few
tweaks that lowers the price point. The BABYBJÖRN limited edition Dots by Karin
collection will be sold exclusively at Kohl’s this fall and is adorable. I am
all about the polka dots so you know I love it!

ABCKids14 Expo BabyBjorn Baby Carrier

There is still more to come from my adventure
in Las Vegas at the ABC Kids Expo - so stay tuned! Until then I would love to
hear your thoughts on these baby carriers!

Which brand do you prefer? Is there a new print calling
your name?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I was not given
product or compensated and no one asked me to write it. While I was given a
media pass to attend the ABC Kids Expo I covered all costs for attending this
event myself. This is all just me sharing photos, thought, and opinions on new
products coming out. I have not had a chance to personally test out every single
one of these products.

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