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Creating a life with art


11x14 Print

by Karen Fields

As I make my way along the path less traveled in my art career, I am trying to weave a life of beautiful art recorded on canvas. It's my art. This is what I was meant to do with my life. That's all. From the art I make, I take it and try to bring the love I have from doing this into my personal life as well. This is what happens when you find your way.

Finding a unique style is something that I have always strived to do. It's created from within. I'm doing this for you from me. Learning about why I do this is what it's all about.


-To create my life

-To create a living

-To be true to myself

-To manifest what I learn in life to create wonderful pieces of art


-Make time


-Know what I like

-Keep learning and never stop

-Business counts

-Online sales


-Read a lot

-Trust myself

-Work hard, even when I'm not ready to put paint to canvas


-Everyday...sketch, paint, read, learn, share, sell, communicate

-Mornings are best for me, but sometimes 3 am is good!



-Fine Art America



-Image Conscious

-Licensing my art to manufacturers

Thank you. :)

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